ACMS Services

Rebuilding and Mitigation Consultation

article-starWhen assessing damage, our consultants may be able to recommend more resilient building materials which are more resistant to hazards and perils, thus mitigating future damage. These new materials are the product of ongoing research and development on the part of the manufacturers and in many cases, are not more expensive than traditional materials. As a collateral benefit, the savings on future losses protects both the insurer and the insured.

Historic Buildings Consultation

article-starOur team offers specialized consultation in the restoration of historic buildings that have suffered from deferred maintenance or occurrences, such as fire, flood, hail, earthquake or other catastrophic events. We can assist our clients to understand and comply with the stringent guidelines imposed by historic districts dictating the type, color and installations of replacement materials and can source materials that are unusual, difficult to find, or even handmade in order to fulfill those requirements.

Building Condition Survey Preparation

article-starACMS compiles extensive data and photographic presentations to incorporate into our building condition surveys. These surveys are critically important in determining the value of a property to be bought or sold, as well as vital to weighing the merits of preventive maintenance vs. replacement of a structure.

Construction Inspection

article-starOur team monitors and verifies construction progress, provides timely feedback to the client, and ensures the appropriate disbursement of funds to contractors throughout the process.


article-starOur consultants provide an independent assessment of loss by using a state-of-the art computer estimating program, similar to that used by many insurance adjusters, to completely document your loss, and to facilitate your complete recovery in the shortest possible time.

Equipment Rental

article-starACMS offers dehumidifiers and air movers on a rental basis for immediate deployment anywhere in the country. This equipment is particularly useful in cases of water damage and intrusion to facilitate the drying out process.